Chasing the light-night!


Marek Biegalski portrait, nature & landscapes photographer visited the club last night. A slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances just served to whet our appetites for a superb night chock full of amazing images. Born in Poland in early 70’s, he has lived in Ireland since 2006. He is a self-taught photographer. His work captures sublime moments of light and surrounding, which is a result of meticulous planning and preparation.
Marek is an artist who seeks out patterns within the landscape and the hidden link between reality and the imagination. This approach also spills over into his fine art images and portraits. He went through his latest work from Lofoten and some portraits as well award winning and Irish landscapes. Marek has established a Photography Tour company that shares the knowledge marek has built up over the years. A big thanks from Blarney Photography Club. For further information check out his website at

Going from strength to strength

Blarney Photography Club managed to get a 4th place position in a challenging competition of 25 clubs in the IPF Shield. Henry O’Brien was awarded an honorary mention for his Colour Print. This represents significant progress for the club. The selection committee put in a lot of hard work selecting and organising printing and finishing  the works. The members who supplied images including all those who didn’t make the final selection did a great job. To jump 14 places from last years 18th to be just a few points outside the top 3 is brilliant. With 1st place going to Dundalk and 2nd Palmerstown and 3rd place to Offshoot from south county Dublin Blarney had to fly the flag for outside The Pale! Special thanks goes to Fergal, Cian and Charlie who helped with the selection Rory and Paul for additional duties including setting the files to print. Ger who kept us all on the straight and narrow.  Next year it’s a podium place!!




Continuing our steady club progress at all levels we had a medal winner in the Non-Advanced (formerly Intermediate) Section of the SACC Creative when valued member Henry O’Brien  took Bronze in the projected image section. Henry’s beautiful portrait
and successful image was of another member, none other than Frank Lyall. We think that counts as 2 for the price of 1!



Driving the Celtic Challenge

Our club Chairman won best Colour Print at the Celtic Challenge in Portcawl, Wales year and Ireland won the event for the first time in seven years. This annual event is a Print & Projected competition between the Photographic Federations of Celtic nations. There are entries from the Welsh Photographic Federation, the Scottish Photographic Federation, The Cornwall Photographic Alliance, Isle of Man Photography, the Northern Ireland Photographic Alliance and the Irish Photographic Federation. Each Federation is represented by three panels of 10 images (Colour, Mono and Projected) and the winner is the federation with the best aggregate result from their three panels. As well as winning the overall award this year the Irish Photographic Federation took the award of the best Colour Image, which was our own Paul’s “The Reading Room”. reading-room

Model Village!

The club night on Thursday was a beautiful affair with Ina, Laura, Orlagh & Dan drafted in for modelling duties by Paul for a terrific shoot night with Studio Lights. Fergal, Mark and Henry set up 3 areas and we shot the night away. Of course it went far too quickly but hopefully some great images were captured. Thanks to Rory for technical assistance and keeping the show on the road. Paul was on hand for creative input. Photo’s thanks to Tadhg Hurley.

Viv Buckley Adventures!


Vivien Buckley a member of Mallow Camera Club visited our club and gave a varied and terrific presentation. Vivien has  gained photographic distinctions a Licentiate, and an Associateship of the Irish Photographic Federation, and an AFIAP distinction Artiste de la Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique. She was also included in the “The Irish Times Top 100 Photographers” in 2012 and in 2013. 

Vivien told us about real life adventures and adventures in her creative process with a no holds barred account on all fronts demonstrating techniques and showing prints finishing with a superb demonstration. Read More.

Famous Foto of the Month

Robert Capa’s Iconic D-Day Photo of a Soldier in the Surf



A young GI Huston Riley, disembarked from his landing craft into water over his head — and sank straight to the bottom, weighed down by his gear. Riley activated his flotation device and quickly became a sitting duck for German machine gun fire as he bobbed on the surface. Over the course of 30 minutes, Riley made his way to shore while bullets ricocheted off his shoes and pack. Just as he hit land and began to run, Riley caught four bullets in his right shoulder, two of which stayed lodged in his body. Two men quickly came and helped him reach cover, one of whom, Riley later recalled, had a camera around his neck. The photographer was Capa, and somewhere between the moment when Riley reached the surf and when he was being lifted, wounded, out of the water, Capa made the photo that for generations has defined the chaos and the courage witnessed on D-Day.

Read More.