Mark Gorman


Name: Mark Gorman LIPF
Member since: 2013
Position: Competitions Officer
Camera (s): Nikon D600, Nikon D90, Nikon 1 J5 & Nikon F-801
Lenses: Nikon 85, 16-35, 28-105 Macro. Tamron 70-200, 24-70, 10-24. Rokinon 14. Nikor 1 10, 10-30.
What else is in the bag? Manfrotto Tripods, Lee & Singh Ray filters, Triggers and cleaning fluid.
How long have you been using a camera? My first introduction to photography was in college and through the photo dept I bought the beautiful Yashica FX3 and I have been taking pictures ever since. I started taking Digital seriously in 2012 and joined BPC in 2013.
What do you like the photograph? I think my main concern is mood and landscape. I try to photograph atmosphere and we are so lucky in Ireland with an amazing coastline and a rural landscape with wonderful light.
What it the most important thing that Blarney Photography Club done for your photography ? Without a doubt it encouraged me to further my interest with participation in competitions and simply being with a bunch of photo nuts who happen to be good crack to boot!!