Iga Sasiela


NameIga Sasiela LIPF
Member since – 2013 
Position – Member
Camera – Canon 6d
Lenses – Canon : 50mm 1.4, 24-105 f4, 17-40 f4, Sigma 70-200 f2.8 
What else is in the bag? Tricky question since I haven’t got a professional photo bag xD The reason for it is I don’t like to show I’m caring photo gear ( keeps thieves away! ) My gear is travelling in my normal bags / backpacks. Don’t like to carry loads of equipment, usually pick up to two lenses – recently it’s 17-40 & 50mm 🙂
How long have you been using a camera? Since I was 15. That’s when I got my first Canon ( have it till today ). Photography is strong part of my everyday life.
What do you like to photograph? People, people, people! I am inspired by emotions, passion, talent. Always  trying to show the ‘real person’. Dance, fitness, art – can’t get enough of it!
What is the most important thing that BPC done for your photography? Not sure there is enough space to list it all! Meeting fellow photographers, getting inspired on regular basis, having a routine with Club Meetings but most of all – feeling as part of the community, Blarney Club is a wonderful, very friendly place where members share their skills and knowledge, motivate and support each other. Can’t imagine my life without it.