Privacy Policy

Blarney Photography Club (the Club) has been in existence since 2010.
The object of the Club is to promote and foster the study, practice, and appreciation of photography in the community.

The Club is a voluntary organisation, which is dedicated to helping its members advance the standard of their photography in a convivial atmosphere. The Club’s activities include running regular meetings, events & competitions of a photographic or social nature, for club members, and guests, where appropriate.

The Club is affiliated to the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF) through the Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) and complies with their rules, recognises their awards, and follows their guidelines in all its photographic activities.

Ordinary membership of the Club shall be open to all those over 18 years of age who are interested in photography, subject to the Constitution & Rules of the Club.

The Management of the Club is vested in the Club Committee who are elected by the general membership at the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, in accordance with the Constitution & Rules of the Club

The Club have published this Privacy Policy to ensure that members and third parties are informed about what personal information we hold and how it is used. The Club operates within the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 which were introduced in May 2018.

This Privacy Policy sets out how the Club collect and process any personal data from you or provided by you in relation to your being a member, guest, contractor, supplier, or have any other official involvement with the Club.

Blarney Photography Club collects and processes their member’s, guests, contractor’s, or supplier’s information such as name, address, telephone number(s), email address, dates of membership, photos submitted for competitions and events, competition scores and other information necessary for the Club’s administration of its activities.

The data you supply to the Club will be used for the following purposes only:

  • to provide and deliver information on the events in the Club and the wider community.
  • to circulate announcements.
  • to contact you with important information in relation to meetings, changes to competition rules etc.
  • to respond to your queries, comments, or questions.
  • to process payment transactions and to provide invoices/receipts.

With reference to card payments, the card number is never written or stored anywhere.
If the Club receives a request from you regarding updating of any data, we will correct your records at the earliest possible time.

Your rights under data protection legislation

You as an individual or member of the Club have rights as follows:

  • The right to be informed about processing of your personal data.
  • The right to have your personal data corrected in case of inaccuracy and to have incomplete personal information completed.
  • The right to object to processing of your personal data.
  • The right to restrict processing of your personal data.
  • The right to erasure of your personal data.
  • The right to request access to your personal data and information about how we process it.
  • The right to move your personal data.
  • The right to withdraw consent (where use of personal information is based on consent).

If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above, please contact the Club by writing to the Honorary Secretary.

Who we disclose your personal information to:

We will pass certain personal information to third parties, where we are required to do so or where necessary to fulfil a service we provide. The categories of third parties we disclose personal data to are listed below:

  • Council Members or Nominated Persons of the IPF and or SACC.
  • Committee Members of the Club.
  • Event Coordinators.
  • Statutory Agencies legally entitled to demand it.

How long will we keep your personal information?

The Club will not keep your personal information for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it is held. This will depend on the nature of your relationship with the Club. In general, the Club will keep personal information for the following periods of time:

  • For members, the duration of your membership and then seven years after you are no longer a member to enable us to deal with any subsequent queries and for legislative requirements relating to the processing of payment information.
  • After this seven-year period, to ensure that the Club have a full historic record of all its members, we will retain basic information relating to your membership indefinitely i.e. name, address and dates of membership.
  • For people who have consented to be contacted about the work of the Club who do not fall into the categories above, solely for as long as your consent is valid.

How we keep your personal information up to date:

To ensure that the Club is able to communicate with you effectively, the Club only use the very latest data provided by you.
To help the Club do this, please keep the Club informed of any changes in your details, to permit the Club to maintain your valid and up-to-date personal details only.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Club will review this policy regularly and whenever there is a change to the way in which we use personal information.
Where possible, the Club will notify you whenever there is a substantive change to this policy with a summary of any changes made.

Approved by the Club Committee, 29 August 2022