Gunner’s Off Camera Flash

Those lucky few who attended on the eve of the long week-end were certainly very glad that they did and were treated to a really super presentation by the “Gunner”. The Gunner’s presentation introduced members to the concept of off camera flash, and using the Club’s new “tethered” system cable the audience were able to see at first hand the results literally straight out of the camera. Utilising a well-practiced “instructional technique” and a style all of his own the Gunner explained and demonstrated as he went along just what he was going to do, how he did it, and the resultant images were immediately available on the big screen for the audience to enjoy and appreciate just what had happened. Using 1, 2 then 3 light set ups then 3 light & projection. We got a superb overview of lighting concepts and techniques.

3 light set up – Photo: Henry O’Brien
Studio Session-077-Edit-Edit
3 light set up and back projection: Photo Henry O’Brien

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