Bringing back the bacon!


In yet another epic event BPC managed to smash even more records in a day of drama and excitement for the large crowd of photographers who attended the Annual SACC POTY at Horse & Jockey on Sunday. The Blarney contingent (pictured above), in keeping with their own tradition was one of the biggest, and kept their colours flying throughout the day which began with an early departure from Cork to ensure that entries were submitted before the 10.00 am deadline.  In summary the Club won 8 medals with Paul, Kevin, Henry and Seamus and 7 Honourable Mentions Paul, Henry and Seamus (a total of 15 awards) and to crown a really great day Paul Reidy won the overall award for the best image of the competition. Other members had images fly past the minimum requirement to go through to the IPF Final indeed there were a couple of images that got top marks ( 27 ) just missing the final select for the top spots.


The absolute highlight of a very long and successful day for Blarney Photography Club occurred right at the end of the presentation of prizes when it was announced that our own Paul Reidy had won the best overall image and would bring the Seamus Scallon trophy back to Blarney after an absence of one year.

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