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I ‘ve been asked about Lightroom best solutions for backing up and I though i’d share my method! This graphic best explains the setup. All my RAW images are uploaded to an external Drive ( Drive 2 ) that way my computer hard rive is clear of all large files. The Lightroom Catalogue which automatically stores on the computer hard drive. I have set create a catalogue backup every time I close down Lightroom. This can be  set in Lightroom’s preferences and I have this backup going to the external drive alongside the RAW files. On another Hard Drive ( Drive 3 ) I use a piece of software “SuperDuper” to copy everything on Drive 2. This gives me a mirror of Drive 2. I also have a backup of the computers Hard Drive  which goes to an external Hard Drive ( Drive 1 ). Let me know if you have other solutions that work for full belt and braces approach to backing up!! Mark


One thought on “Workflow and backUp

  1. My method is similar but I use Crashplan, Backblaze and also a backup script.

    Like you, my photos are on an external drive while the Lightroom catalogue is on the internal drive.

    Once a day my backup script runs, copying the catalogue to the external drive where my photos live. It also copies the catalogue and photos to another computer.

    I use the free Crashplan app to backup the catalogue and photos to another external drive once a day. It creates versioned copies of files, just on the off chance that the catalogue or other files I’m working on become corrupted somehow.

    I also backup everything “to the cloud” using Backblaze.

    I’m still concerned about “bit rot” happening (that’s where a single bit in a file randomly flips from 0 to 1 or 1 to 0, because a cosmic ray hit the harddrive at the wrong moment, unlikely but I have lots of bits of data so the chance increases..) , which is partly why I started using Crashplan, but with the number of files I have it’s impossible to keep track of everything manually.

    I also use Apple’s Time Machine. but not for my photos.

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