Chasing the light-night!


Marek Biegalski portrait, nature & landscapes photographer visited the club last night. A slight delay due to unforeseen circumstances just served to whet our appetites for a superb night chock full of amazing images. Born in Poland in early 70’s, he has lived in Ireland since 2006. He is a self-taught photographer. His work captures sublime moments of light and surrounding, which is a result of meticulous planning and preparation.
Marek is an artist who seeks out patterns within the landscape and the hidden link between reality and the imagination. This approach also spills over into his fine art images and portraits. He went through his latest work from Lofoten and some portraits as well award winning and Irish landscapes. Marek has established a Photography Tour company that shares the knowledge marek has built up over the years. A big thanks from Blarney Photography Club. For further information check out his website at

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